To whom it may concern

I’d like to write a message in English for once. I realize I refer to this website to the people I meet, but most of them can’t read any French! So you may want to know everything’s going fine for me, I’m meeting many kinds of interesting people, I’m seeing wonderful landscapes, I’m having great times.

Such a travel could not be a nice experience without the people met on the road. They are actually the main characters of the adventure.

Muvmedia promotes a very nice social way of travelling. The duty of making documentaries keeps me meeting people, much more than during an ordinary travel, or when being in Brussels. And I have to say all those meetings open my mind. I didn’t know it was possible to open the eyes as wide…

Actually I didn’t expect to find so much generosity on my way, everyone offering something different. A nice talk, a couch, a meal, an idea of destination, an advice for meeting someone, a personnal story, an emotion. Thank you all for all that. Take care and please let me know about you.

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